Premium Let That Shit Go Yoga Cat shirt

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Sanitas. Glad you have cosmetics not but your colors are too light please include darker colors of blush many ladies asian and latina etc have darker colors especially my friends from sri lanka cape v the Premium Let That Shit Go Yoga Cat shirt and the pacific islands etc thanks. I have never in my entire life experienced such awful service or should I say lack of there was a mistake on my order yesterday and I immediately began trying to reach someone tried online chat 7 times on multiple devices only to be booted after waiting 20 min each time called and waited 20 min only to hear the automated system say it wasn t over 30 min wait even still I waited at 38 min was then given a sixty min wait time emailed as well as sent messages to fb and guess what haven t gotten in touch with a single person I don t even want my items after knowing this is how you run your company it is completely unacceptable to not be a able to reach a single associate over multiple platforms and hours of actively trying shame on you I want my money back Original Premium Let That Shit Go Yoga Cat shirt

Premium Let That Shit Go Yoga Cat shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

Premium Let That Shit Go Yoga Cat shirt 4 - Premium Let That Shit Go Yoga Cat shirt

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